Ultimate Guide To Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

It is an excellent idea that your beloved dogs consume the best food, which is definitely not just another pet food but the best in the market.

However, do you know the best way to choose pet food? Do you think are expensive dog foods worth it?  The simple answer is no.

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

As in other industries, prices are considered for costs that are not related to product quality. The more you pay for pet food, the more often you pay for marketing, branding, and advertising rather than better food.

Is More Expensive Pet Food Better?

On the planet Epigenetics, “Bi-Lingual Nation” author and cook Ina Garten explained how years ago when she bought two identical $3.99 organic chicken breasts for her husband’s yogurt (she works as executive chef at The Barefoot Contessa) and a couple of beers after work, guests went crazy over them.

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

She has since returned to basics at home with meat and potatoes: an ever grateful Barry weighed 172 pounds and has kept his size at 3 pounds more ever since.

Is expensive dog food better than a cheap one? There are various reasons for choosing premium pet foods over cheaper ones, such as quality of ingredients, involvement in science projects, and faster results, to name just four.

The main reason, however, is that pets deserve the best! By comparing formula and cost, a premium international brand will always trump inexpensive domestic brands if the latter contain fillers or chemicals not found in the first.

Does expensive dog food make dogs live longer?

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

Researchers believe that switching to premium dog foods may help prolong the lives of aging dogs by alleviating some common ailments (diarrheal or dysentery, joint pain, and infections) caused by old age.

In fact, articles tell us which Premium puppy food can be used in older dogs as well, according to their needs.

Why has dog food gotten so expensive?

According to recent news clips, the foremost reason for the rising price of dog foods is that manufacturers are seeking a share and profit from expanding in socially-conscious products such as commercial food available through humane fundraising programs and bread and treats created with highly affordable grains.

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

Above all, others processors manipulate yellow corn prices by placing high levies for biogas storage on supplies shipped cross country. This increased cost stays within the region where these importers live, causing a decline in smaller operations, lowering quality and honest family-owned farms that grow the very same grain.

According to the Intl Dog Food Alliance (IDFA) in Chicago, “There could be simply as many as 500 dog food manufacturers producing inferior products full of fillers or illegally labeled by unscrupulous distributors.” IDFA recommends that Pet Owners/Guardians look for an ingredients list because if it lacks meat content, companies will use corn or wheat gluten which are fillers, and provide few vitamins or synthetic animal ingredients such as cornmeal or byproducts.

Further upsetting Pet Owners when some pet:

Brands were sold in twenty brands, says Consumer Reports. Some of these include Taste of the Wild (totally natural variety) and Innova (all ingredients are synthetic-based artificial colors).

They have no ammonia test results available for their food which has been performed under good manufacturing standards enforced by the Food and Drug Administration, so consumers cannot be particular about levels even if its brand name contains an ingredient that should indicate a low or nonexistent risk level.

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It?

The companies have allowed their products to pass through USDA inspection, most of which is done on commercial trucks, not under the supervision of stateside inspectors.

An Incidental Feeding Survey’ was conducted by Consumer Reports, and a given sample graded from score A-F with F being lower than required performance. Future survey results will show if these scores were transgression misrepresentations or truthful replies –a possible warning to pet food consumers. 

Some Animal Rights groups like Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) have allegedly recorded videos of animal suffering labeled as standard for the sounds and visual effects in an attempt to label Beef and Chicken processed by companies not following best practices. Of a Humane USDA inspected environment.” 

How much should you spend on dog food?

Dogs from puppy through adult need various foods; some dogs will not correctly digest just their one kind or brand.

Based on research that several dog owners have come forward as to how much they spend per week, Type’B kibble (Made by Purina, for example) is at about $12-$ 20 a bag and Above the Premises, with Canidae at around twice what is advertised price amounting to more than $50 per bag of food.

In contrast, other brands or homemade dog meals served the same calories pets require.

Are Expensive Dog Foods Worth It For Which dog food brand is terrible?

The purpose of this list is to inform dog owners, potential buyers, or users about the dangers of certain brands for dogs that have been ingested. Obviously, not every kind, brand, and advertisement should be considered. All other categories of products are reviewed for food/drinks sold. 

Price – what matters most since sometimes independent pet-owners offer an option on how large a bag they will buy because individual sizes vary by customer requests, mainly based on how much they would prefer to spend. Still, other personal factors that influence their decision may include owning a separate home or whether more than one dog will be fed from the set amount.

Ingredients – it does not matter too much for many pet owners as these are considered by some to cause nothing worse than stomach upset, which in extreme cases can pose a risk of death, sometimes this includes proteins.

Grains’ origin has been stated in many media pieces as unsafe for dogs rather than the same exact thing pet owners and other users have always known about these components. Ingestion can cause an extensive range of symptoms and health hazards ranging from trim level inflammation to at worse death in extreme cases. 

How much should I be paying for dog food?

For a single feeding bag of dry food, comprising around 44% protein, that is what amounts to approximately $2.50 per pack or less than 70 cents per pure meat feed ingredient,

but this can range from very low in price up to 400-500 depending on the brand sold and outside influences such as a discount for people who buy a larger package like family size totes with varying sizes available for purchase.

It does cost more if individuals are known consumers of less than full-size bags or if sales of purchasing smaller sizes lower the price.

13 lb totes deliver around $10 per each household cost annually, which can often figure out to be approximately 70 cents a month (smaller teams may consist of 4 dogs, 5 pounds in total) along with cost savings that rival even more expensive counterparts such as Costco brand dog food at half the price and benefit arguably including foods excellent in quality and vitamins as well.

Why is dog food bad for dogs?

Grain protein

It usually does not have to be these specific brands or name-brand and tends to remain pretty much the same for most people purchasing either; however, yes, grain proteins include corn, wheat, and soy as well as whatever else is added which may or may not cause harm in small dosing.

It often takes a good amount of research to find out where practitioners are getting their information from when it comes down to whether genetically modified ingredients are not impacting the dog’s immune system, which is to say there can be some truth about the issue. 

Nothing forced into your dog’s body That’s right, there is no forcing feeding of food or drinks infused with chemicals and added junk! All reasonable decisions you make when considering various brands can also improve their health while still getting all necessary nutrition they need nor require compromise through too much mediocre food causing detrimental effects. not at all!

What’s wrong with cheap dog food?

While there are many brands like Canidae, Perfect, or others that sell good quality foods at a reasonable price–well above Walmart but still less than some high-end dog food as it gets even closer to $20/lb and more.

Yet you likely won’t find any of those brands on the list below, though, which could be considered by many as “cheap,”…but here’s why they’re really not in comparison with better dog foods.

Manufacturers have had no significant reason to cut corners from the moment they’re over-priced anyway; you already know if it’s a bad idea trying to save money or not, at least take a bit of responsibility for your own pet and feed him accordingly.

This is why those “budget” brands gain such wide customer foot traffic, though, because very few people actually do their research when making their purchasing decisions right unless they’re forced to. But for the most part, if you want bargain dog food, keep looking!


It’s not just humans that are susceptible to pricey dog foods! Just like people, dogs also have a craving for high-quality food. Unfortunately, not all dog foods are created equal and some can be quite expensive.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth spending a few extra bucks on your dog’s food, read on to find out are expensive dog foods worth it. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of expensive dog foods and help you decide whether or not it’s worth shelling out for them.

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