How To Potty Train My French Bulldog Puppy?

French Bulldogs are the most popular breed of dog in America, and you can find them everywhere from celebrity homes to apartment buildings.

How to potty train my French bulldog puppy?
How to potty train my French bulldog puppy

However, these social lapdogs also require a lot of attention, and it is hard to take care of them if you don’t live with them all the time. So here’s our guide on how to potty train my French Bulldog puppy. However, you can train your old french bulldog to potty from here.

Potty Train French bulldog puppy:

Step One: Introduce a Crate:

How to potty train my French bulldog puppy
How to potty train my French bulldog puppy

Most puppies will require some sort of potty training when they first arrive home, and one of the best ways to do this is by using a crate.

This way, your dog can learn that going outside to use the bathroom is something that happens in their designated space (in their crate) and not all over your house.

Start off with short periods in the crate every few hours during the day, and increase the time as your dog becomes more comfortable. 

Step Two: Praise and Treats:

Adding positive reinforcement to your potty training efforts is important, so make sure you consistently provide both praises and treats when your puppy takes care of business in their crate. This will help them learn that going outside to go potty is a good thing, and they’ll be more likely to repeat the behaviour in the future. 

Step Three: Punishment If needed:

If your dog does not start going to the bathroom in their crate after a few weeks of training, you may need to use some punishment (like putting them in their crate for a short period).

This is only done if it is absolutely necessary and your pup understands why they are being punished. Be consistent with your discipline techniques, and be sure to always provide positive reinforcement afterwards.

A Guide To French Bulldog Potty Training – Tips and Timing:

How to potty train my French bulldog puppy

1. Start by using a crate to help your puppy learn when it is time to go outside and use the bathroom.

2. Praise and give treats whenever your pup goes in their crate, and do not punish them if they do not go immediately on command.

3. If the potty training process is still proving difficult, try applying punishment (such as putting them in their crate) only after several failed tries. Once your pup understands the concept, gradually reduce the time, they are in their crate. 

4. Be patient and consistent with your training, and always make sure to provide positive reinforcement when they go in their crate! 

Other Answers, Tips, and Tricks:

French Bulldogs are big and some of them may be more difficult to potty train than others. If you find that your puppy is not consistently going in their crate, try gradually increasing the time they are confined each day until they eventually learn to use the toilet within their home.

Be sure always to provide plenty of positive reinforcement when your pup takes care of business in their crate – this will encourage them to continue trying!

Using a Crate for French Bulldog Potty Training:

If you are looking to train your French Bulldog to use the potty on their own, it is important that you start by using a crate as a way to teach them when and where they should go.

Crating will help keep your pup contained while you are training which will make the process much easier. When your dog goes in their crate, be sure to give them lots of praise and rewards (such as treats or playtime) –

Night-time Bathroom Trips:

French Bulldogs are often very active at night and may need to go to the bathroom more frequently than during the day. When your pup needs to go potty at night, be sure to take them outside first and then bring them back inside before letting them in their crate. Once they are in their crate, be sure to wait a few minutes before letting them out again so that they can have time to go. 


The use of a crate for French Bulldog potty training can be very helpful in encouraging them to develop good habits. Be patient and consistent with your training, and reward your pup whenever they go in their crate – this will help encourage them to continue using the bathroom within their home. 

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