The Ultimate Guide On Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog?

Can a dachshund be a service dog? The simple answer is, “Yes.” Dachshunds can be good service dogs, but they are not the common breed people think of when looking for potential companion dogs. The main reason is Dachshunds are generally stubborn.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

What are service dogs used for?

People with disabilities like blindness, age-related sight loss, and the loss of mobility have gained more respect from the government. This means that now people, including children suffering from certain cardiac diseases, can get special permissions for service dogs to aid in their daily activities.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

One such activity is getting around their environment safely; these ‘apartment’ dachshunds also come inside to help with eating as they are spoon-fed by strangers every morning! Other examples are working with the elderly to reduce mobility and even controlling seizures, itching, and scratching!

The types of service dogs:

In the case of service dogs, only four titles exist. These are emotional support pets; they do limit type in that they work with children and those suffering from epilepsy or autism; however, it still has some clout as it’s widely accepted.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

This is compared to therapy animals which need more specialized training, such as for veterinary services and spinal cord injury rehabilitation centers! They also require a by-law permit in place before going into action, so where can you get started? Well, there is the International Assistance Dog Organization; however, if you do want to get a certificate from them, be prepared to pony up $100 for it.

Now that we’ve learned about all of these different types and the reasons why they exist (other than just making people feel good), let’s learn how we can train one!

What type of service dogs can dachshunds be?

The first type is emotional support pets. This definition refers to a dog that helps with mental disabilities or people who have anxiety disorders.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

If you have less than ten years of age, something like this may be appropriate for your Dachshund but if they are older, working with these dogs really requires children’s lessons!

In terms of professional-level obedience training (AKA ‘Triple P’), that is only valid as long as the child attends class, but they can be trained through the placing of a collar on them.

There is also the option to use reward systems such as clickers, toys, and treats; however, food rewards are forbidden, so using bacon or cheese in your training will create undesirable consequences!

Who can get a service dog?

In terms of competition, the service dog category is one that many people target. This type of assistance pet falls under a different umbrella than all sorts; however, there are still strict rules to follow with regard to where you can go in order for this ability to be absolutely effective.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

For example, if someone has some sort of seizure disorder, it’s recommended for them not to sit near a door as this would cause an episode!

The actual reason why being around certain doors causes a seizure is still unclear; however, the only place really recommended for these dogs to be used is in public pillows areas and maybe inside of hospitals.

If we are talking about those who use an emotional support dog, you should try your best not to force them into situations where their medical condition would make it harder for them instead of work with someone whose foundation of knowledge says that they can go somewhere other than places like malls, or bars!

If there is an issue for these owners, like maybe a sprained ankle, then I would try as hard to navigate them around, but you shouldn’t risk their health or well-being if it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Can I train my Dachshund to be a service dog?

This is usually seen as a question that has no right or wrong answer; however, there are some things you should keep in mind first.

There are many people, yes, EVEN DACHSHUNDS, who own service dogs who need to be taught how to use their abilities, and training them even AFTER they have been taken out of school can improve performance tremendously!

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

There is also the apparent argument on whether it’s ethical for an owner who doesn’t plan on benefiting from their dog’s service to do the training.

I suppose this is a question that none of us can answer 100%, but some people feel as if they should still go through with the process even though it isn’t necessary for someone else.

And at least there are those who find ways around not needing a service dog, making me wonder why Dachshund lovers would give up an opportunity like this?

Some people train their dogs so much that one day their dog will say to them, “Hey, I’m your service dog!” and you know what? It’s a fun line some people get away with, but every owner of a trained Dachshund should keep in mind that there is no such thing as an unlimited time limit on this.

Many total strangers or friends who have seen your puppy come through training tell you how amazing the dogs are at doing all sorts of things. 

How to certify a service dog:

Training is an important part of any dog’s life, but there are many aspects that owners can train their dogs to do apart from simply going places. The most respected groups in showing a service animal are the three I mentioned:

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

Assistance Dogs International (ADI), St. Johns Rehabilitation Service Dogs, and Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind So you may also be interested in learning more about other organizations like Canine Companions for Independence or Independent Living Aids How to go about getting a certificate varies by the service organization.

If you have found a dog with a good temperament and trainability, then it isn’t as hard to prove your ability in order for another group than just the one who trained them as ADI does – their “graduate” Program. 

Where to find a service dog:

If you are looking for a service dog or wondering how to start training in order to get one of your own – there is no better place than the National Service Dogs Registry.

This resource lists all organizations and individuals who have been determined qualified by some other organization as having high standards when it comes to recognizing skills and temperament.

Can A Dachshund Be A Service Dog

What’s more important with their site is that they list not only people who already train dogs (although this doesn’t mean you can’t find a person who has the time to dog-sit or is actively looking for a new service animal) but also those organizations and clinics that are doing some kind of program where dogs receive prior training.

This way, if you want an organization to consider your idea for their service dog member, then ask them how they think it will go – before requesting any certification from another organization in order not get robbed of all chances (some of them indicated to me they go through rigorous and expensive training on the dog handler’s part).

Of course, since there is no central registry like National Service Dogs, each individual organization may have its own requirements that apply, especially if this increases their costs while those criteria become irrelevant once you find out your idea doesn’t work in terms of similarity.

For example, I got rejected by a local non-profit cause based in Montreal because my service dog, who did not yet have all of her skills, was an Inuit dog – although she excelled in the care given to a young child. The service dogs they can get are from specific breeders (such as Golden Retrievers or Poodles). 


We discussed the question can a dachshund be a service dog. After reading it, you will know that there is still some debate surrounding this topic, but the bottom line is that a service dog certification for a Dachshund is possible.

However, it would not be appropriate for them to work as service dogs in many cases, as they are not well-suited for this type of work. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, be sure to check out our website for more information. Thanks for reading!

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