How Much Is A Maltese Dog Worth?

How much is a maltese dog worth? Here, we will provide you with the estimated value of a Maltese dog. The average Maltese usually costs $ 600 to $ 2,000. Dogs at the bottom of this range are usually pet quality.

How Much Is A Maltese Dog Worth

They may not have a champion in their pedigree and are bred to be companion animals-don’t show dogs. This is a small dog breed that will grow to be no taller than 10 inches. They weigh anywhere between 4 and 6 pounds, making them extremely tiny.

So who sells a Maltese dog?

Here comes the part where you get your daily dose of money-making ideas! Yes, there are plenty of shops willing to sell these dogs for as much as $300 or even more for training exercises at an established pet store business.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind getting paid for my Maltese dog in that matter because the thing is cute.

How Much Is A Maltese Dog Worth

Sometimes you can find Maltese dogs at pet stores, but only after browsing through a lot of buyers searching for things like “puppies” or “dogs.” These are extremely rare since some people refer to these small pooches as mini-dogs (not really sure why).

But then again, there are some really miniature Maltese dogs out there that are even smaller than a Pug (which is how small we refer to the standard Pomeranian dog breed).

How Much is a Maltese: One-Time Costs?

You don’t need to spend a dime taking care of your Maltese. Just be aware that they live a long life! It is widely known that at least 10 years old is the average age, and many people can go even longer than this.

How Much Is A Maltese Dog Worth

That’s pretty much because their lifespan equals as long as yours, which makes you totally free to take them out for walks every morning or play together when nothing gets in the way (in other words- sleep ).

Okay, so that’s the facts about how much a Maltese dog costs. Our value of $300 also considers some things like basic care and grooming, as well as necessary purchases such as food, medication, toys, or any other item you might need to keep your pet happy.

Anyways we are pretty sure they will live up to 15-20 years if whoever ends up buying them is willing to give them their whole life!

Pet or show quality:

Registration is limited because the majority of Maltese dogs are strictly sold as pets.
Limited registration is given to puppies whose breeding quality is not perfect.

How Much Is A Maltese Dog Worth

That is, the puppies themselves are registered, but the puppies produced are not eligible for registration.

Restricted registered dogs are not allowed to compete in breed testing competitions, but can participate in many other competitions such as agility and obedience.

If you want to invade the world of dog shows and breeding programs, you need a fully registered Maltese.
As you can imagine, a fully registered puppy is quite expensive. Expect to pay $ 4,000 to $ 10,000 (or more) for Maltese with show quality.

Maltese Adoption:

If you are interested in Maltese adoption, the best bet is to visit sites such as Volunteers of America and SPCA. These organizations have a list of US and Canadian animal shelters and rescue clubs looking for homes for rescued Maltese dogs.

List of Maltese Care Supplies and Costs

Maltese Dog

Cost of Maltese A Day: -Maintenance:- Puppies go through 3 litters a yr which equates to 52 months (sounds like a lot, but their adult coats last them pretty well, really). One litter produces 18 puppies. We have spent the minimum expense on one male and a female puppy at the time of adoption. We only paid $400 for food, toys, accessories, etc. 

Dogs will always hesitate to pee on the wrong spot. So how do you teach this little thing where it has to pee? The very best way is hiding (tricking) him with treats like the red-hots candy in subwoofer speakers, and when he pees right, give loud noise after that reward usually if not then repeat until success!!!

How Much Does a Maltese Cost Per Month?

If you buy the food yourself on Amazon, it comes to around $50 – If a person has changed his lifestyle and began rotating pantry with different brands of dog foods, then he/she may need to make more expenses between one month to another.

Spaying a Maltese Dog: The Spay Surgery Cost Just A Few Hundred Dollars!

We went in there demanding that they put our puppy (female) through spay surgery at the drop of a hat. The vet was calm and cool while they explained to us how they were going to have her fixed in 7 weeks from an egg which would then be fertilized by the male counterpart whom we had injected with a dog of vasopressin so that he would naturally ejaculate on our buddies face when some naughty obstinate female poked her head over his bed at night giving him heartburn or something like that. 

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