How To Train A Working Cow Dog?

The main goal of the working dog is to locate and return to its owner lost animals. The breed is well known for herding, hunting, and tracking. It’s said that shepherds started breeding working dogs like Great Pyrenees in early medieval times to help their flocks in time of need.

How To Train A Working Cow Dog?

The Great Pyrenees is a large, stocky dog with a thick coat of long, curly hair. She has a well-muscled body and big feet that help her stay on her toes while shepherding or tracking. Her muzzle is broad and deep, giving her an impressive ability to sniff out prey or suspicious objects. 

Because of their temperament and trainability, working dogs make good family pets as well as reliable guardians. They are usually easy to housetrain, making them great companions for people with busy schedules. Lets we learn how to train a working cow dog from an expert.

How To Train A Working Cow Dog All Step By Step:

Starting a Cow Dog on Stock:

When you are starting a cow dog on stock, follow these steps:

How To Train A Working Cow Dog?

1. Start out by bringing the animal to you and leading it away from any livestock that is nearby. If there is no livestock around, lead your cow dog into an open area where he can see plenty of grass and trees. You don’t need to chain him or tie him down if this is his first time doing this; just make sure he has good access to water and plenty of feed.

2. Once you have properly introduced the animal to his new surroundings, start leading him towards a herd of cows or other livestock that is nearby. If he shows any interest in the animals, reward him with praise and treats (preferably small ones) as you get close to the grazing stock. 

3. When you are within reach of the livestock, tell your cow dog “Down” using clear voice commands. Once he has laid down at your feet, release him and walk away from the herd. If he doesn’t respond to your “Down” command, try again a few minutes later or call him over to you using a different phrase (such as “Here boy”). You can then start feeding him bits of hay or fresh round bales of straw nearby the livestock so that he knows this area is important to you.

Before You Start a Cow Dog:

Before you bring your cow dog home, be sure to read the following important information:

How To Train A Working Cow Dog?

1. Cow dogs are bred to herd livestock; they may not behave well around other pets or people. 

2. Your new pet should have plenty of exercise and training so he can learn how to coexist peacefully with other household members and animals. 

3. This animal is likely very active, so proper fencing will be a must in order to keep him inside during thunderstorms or other activities that could send him running off.

4. Remember to always provide your cow dog with plenty of fresh water and hay so he can stay hydrated and healthy!

on Stock

1. Introduce your cow dog to the herd of livestock you plan on training him to herd.

2. When he is near the animals, use clear voice commands such as “Down” and reward him when he lays down next to you. 

3. If your cow dog does not respond after a few tries, try a different command (such as “Here boy”). 

4. Once the animal has been successfully introduced and your cow dog is laying down next to the livestock without getting up, begin feeding him hay or fresh round bales of straw nearby. This will help him associate this area with positive reinforcement and make it easier for you to train him later on.

Introducing a Cow Dog:

1. Make sure the area you’ll be introducing your cow dog to is free of distractions so he can focus on what you’re asking him to do.

2. When your cow dog is in the lot, use a clear voice command such as “Down” and approach one of the animals slowly while holding out an empty hand. 

3. If your pet does not respond after a few tries, try giving him another specific command instead.

Training a Cow Dog on Cattle:

1. Start by getting your cow dog used to being around livestock in a controlled setting such as a fenced lot. 

2. When he’s comfortable around the animals, start feeding him hay or fresh round bales of straw nearby while near the herd. 

3. Once he is eating from these locations regularly, begin working on obedience training with specific commands that will help you control his movements around the animals. 

4. Be patient with your cow dog and reward him often when he responds correctly.

Registering a Hangin Tree Cowdog:

1. When you first bring your cow dog home, take him for a walk around the property and introduce him to all of the hanging trees. 

2. Once he’s comfortable around these trees, start training him to stay in one spot while you’re up high on the tree. Use a clear voice command such as “Stay” and withhold food until your pet stays put. 

3. Repeat this process with other nearby trees until he’s mastered the skill. 

4. Once he’s ready, you can begin using the hanging tree as a reliable spot to rest while out grazing.


No matter what type of cow dog you’re looking to train, it’s important to start with a controlled setting and gradually work your pet into more challenging situations. Be patient and positive while training your cow dog, and he’ll soon be able to handle anything grazing around the farm! 

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