Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs?

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs? Sweet potatoes are not toxic because they have nothing to do with white potatoes. It is safe and healthy White potatoes belong to the Solanaceae family and are toxic when given raw to dogs.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

However, Boiled yam is perfect for your pouch, but raw yam can cause stomach aches and intestinal upset. If some of your furry friends are allergic to certain grains or proteins, a strict treatment plan must be followed so that no uncomfortable side effects are caused.

Top 10 Sweet Potato Dog Treats Recipes:

1. Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits:                         

This paw-feet recipe is specially made for our canine friends. Mix the ground sweet potatoes, coconut oil, and salt in a large bowl until they are well combined.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Heat some olive oil on the stovetop to ensure that you have enough grease, then shape them into small balls before rolling each ball with shredded carrots, so it takes on form like a pet’s soft bite toys.

2. Sweet Potato Dog Chews:

For this recipe, you won’t need to be too concerned about the sweetness of your dog’s favorite treat! The main ingredient is pureed sweet potato with a mixture consisting of fish oil and chickpea for a healthy boost.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Combine everything in a large Tupperware container until it takes on complete form as recommended by pups. Twist tie tightly before storing in the fridge overnight or freeze whenever no meals are prepared at home.

3. Baked Sweet Potato Biscuits:

Pop some sweet potatoes that are already baked to make the whole process of making them for your dog’s treats easier. It is a quick and easy way to bake healthy options for our canine companions in this case.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Be sure that you wash, peel, and cut up the sweet potato before blending ingredients as called in the recipe card above so it doesn’t form any mess on plates where these biscuits will be served! That would naturally mean disaster! Unhealthy foods usually get left behind by dogs.

Pour on any of your favorite treats such as peanut butter, honey, or just plain meat in this case to make the best dog biscuits that adorably look much like a real stuffed animal! You might want to buy a small toy for your pup which is acceptable and doable within budget with some bits of advice from caring friends about it! Don’t forget that all these creations are only meant for sharing around with your pups and their friends only.

4. Healthy, Breath-Freshening Dog Treats:

Rinse clean your sweet potato, green beans, and garlic in water until it is cool to the touch and add essential olive oil for a healthier option for pet’s homemade treats. Add grated coconut into the mix before having fun adding other items such as tomato puree or crumbled pieces of the beef liver, a healthy chopped organ from food animals, not pets! 

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

With all these ingredients, you can create small digestible sizes that are much more breathable and itch-free than most of their treats found in commercial stores. This is because organic ingredients that are good for us promote better smell as well great life cleaning benefits when it comes to paws, noses, and ears, which often get damaged! 

Potatoes were one of the first animals we domesticated more than 12000 years ago. Back then, our ancestors experienced this nutritious food by hunting fairly large game, but nowadays, if you want to play like the dog in this, you can always throw on some raw meat and make it a bit more real.

5. Circle Sweet Potato Dog Treats:

If the other recipes taste boring, you might want to make a dog treat that is unique by matchsticks or get all of your ingredients out and lay them in a circle.

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

The circling effects can be achieved for just about anything, so if it is something new, then this will surely impress! It also works with dessert makings, such as pieces of bread, pies, and cakes where everything has been set into an exact position before baking; however, going into circles does not work best but will still produce a great result if used properly.

6. Chicken and Sweet Potato Dog Treat Recipe:

Got a quick taste for chicken? Create delicious homemade treats by mixing different ingredients such as finely chopped chicken pieces, sweet potato, or the best your dog has ever had! This is great, even if you chop up some raw vegetables and put them in a bowl with the necessary oils to soften them up. Many combinations can be done, but usually, you will want to make small-sized ones because of how easy this ingredient is to eat compared to, say, chicken normally on its own.

7. Apple & Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits:

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

If you want to add a little sweetness to your doggie’s diet, then it is best to just mix sweet potato with apples. This is great for both your dog will love this and gives them vitamins and nutrition which goes along so well on their plate that they won’t feel as if they are missing something else!

8. Dehydrated Sweet Potato Treats:

This type of recipe is a little harder to do, but still, it works out well, and just like the other species, this can be done quickly. This will transform your old sweet potatoes into a dried substance where it’s done overnight, or if you are on an early rise morning, then this will give off great results in only 10-15 minutes! To check when they come out of the dehydrator:

Are Sweet Potatoes Good for Dogs?

Do Not Overcook Them…keep them at around 115 to 120 degrees F. You may want to keep them around 100 and check on this later but don’t worry if the color looks slightly burnt. The taste is still great!

9. Sweet Potato Dog Chews:

Sweet potatoes are the perfect natural dog food, and this formula is a great treat to make! A lot of dogs will love the texture because it feels almost like a mouse, so that makes your pup feel more comfortable with taking more time to enjoy the taste while they chew on these nice treats.

10. Carrot & Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits:

Carrots and sweet potatoes are one of the best ways to feed your dog theirs in between meals. Also, these natural ingredients give off great amounts of nutrients that will help them stay healthier inside and outside!

All it takes is a little more work time, and you have got some great for both him/her meal times. This does take longer compared to when making an old-fashioned potato, but still, this idea works out just as fine if you have some free time to take on the act of making this.

Remember not to overcook them but keep them around 120 degrees occasionally and add water if it looks like they are about cooked out; This will keep them creamier for a little longer: slowly let cool, then use your hands to gently break into chunks and pack into a plastic bag with air intact. Let this sit for twenty bounces so that every once in a while, you can give them a little pat with the back of your fork.

Homemade Sweet Potato Dog Treats: 

You can make these at home, or you can order them from a dog food company like Iams that uses the purest ingredients to create great-tasting homemade diets. 

Recent research has indicated that dogs with sweet potato in their diet have much more energy levels and live longer than other dogs without it, which indicates the benefits of potatoes for our buddies on Dachshunds.

Even if your particular breed does not react well to carbohydrates (dogs who have a potentially bad reaction to sweet potatoes include Siberian Huskies, Shiba Inu, or Japanese Chin), it’s still just safer giving them natural foods like yogurt instead of kibble.

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