Do French Bulldogs Shed? Learn More From Expert

Do French Bulldogs Shed all year round? Yes, the French Bulldog loses all year round. Some breeds are shed seasonally, but the French Bulldog is not one of them. You can expect a fairly constant level of dropouts all year round, so it is important to catch up with grooming (at least a little brushing!).

Do French Bulldogs Shed

How Much Do French Bulldogs Shed?

French Bulldogs shed a fair amount, averaging around one to two pounds per month. Depending on the dog’s shedding pattern, it can be more or less. 

Do French Bulldogs Shed

Do French Bulldogs Shed More In The Summer?

The short answer is no – French bulldogs shed approximately the same amount in summer and winter. The main difference is that they may be more prone to shedding during the hot months because of their thick coat. 

Do French Bulldogs Shed A Winter Coat?

Do French Bulldogs Shed

It’s not entirely clear. Some people say that French bulldogs do indeed shed their winter coats, while others maintain that this is not always the case. Ultimately, it depends on your dog and his/her shedding habits. 

How To Properly Care For A Shedding Frenchie:

1) Remove any deceased hair from your dog’s bed, furniture, and other areas where shedding is likely to occur. This will help minimize the amount of hair on these surfaces and in your house.

Do French Bulldogs Shed

2) Brush your dog regularly – at least once a week if possible – to remove any dead hair and debris. Be gentle with their coat, as too much brushing can damage it.

3) Throw away old clothes or blankets that your dog has been wearing for a while – these will only serve to collect more hair and dirt.

4) Clean up any spills or accidents as soon as they happen – a spill of shampoo on the floor, for example, can quickly become covered in dried dog hair.

5) Use a product called Dog Shampoo to clean your dog’s coat regularly. Follow the directions on the package carefully in order to avoid causing any damage to their fur.

Our Recommended Shedding Brush And Tool:

If you’re looking for a good option to help remove shedding hair from your French Bulldog, we recommend the Prime grooming tool.

This brush is made with soft bristles that are gentle on their coat, and it also features a detachable lead for easy portability. 

Other French Bulldog Shedding Solutions:

If you’re looking for a more extreme solution to combating French bulldog shedding, there are several products on the market that claim to be able to help.

These hair-removal treatments can be expensive, so it’s important to do your research first before investing in one.

Some common options include the Furminator canine hair remover and the Shed Doggeezer. 

Dog Grooming Gloves Could Be Fun!

Yes, dog grooming gloves could be a fun alternative to traditional shedding tools. They help prevent hair from getting tangled in your dog’s fur, and they also make it easier to remove dried hair.

Some of the most popular brands of dog grooming gloves include Paws Mobile Salon, Doggles by The Honest Company, and Obie Pet Grooming Gloves. 

Give Your Dog Regular Baths And Grooming:

Regular baths and grooming will help to reduce shedding hair, and it will also keep their coat clean and healthy.

Follow the directions on the package of Dog Shampoo carefully in order to avoid causing any damage to their fur.

Also, be sure to brush them regularly using a shedding brush or tool like the Prime grooming tool. 

Use A Good Coat Conditioner With Vitamin E:

One important step in reducing French bulldog shedding is to help their coat stay healthy and dry. One good way to do this is to use a coat conditioner with vitamin E.

This will help keep the fur hydrated and protected from environmental damage.

Some of the best coat conditioners for French bulldogs include red bears naturals healthy coat conditioner, pet armor professional-strength fur & scalp treatment, and amstaff gold class by hartz. 

Make Sure Your Frenchie Has A Good Diet:

A good diet can also help reduce French bulldog shedding. Make sure they are fed high-quality food that contains plenty of Omega-3 and six fatty acids.

This will help to keep their coat healthy and free from dander (an accumulation of skin cells).

Some great foods for French bulldogs include Hill’s Science Diet, Royal Canin Active Nutrition Fur & Skin, and Animasuite Multi-Purpose Diet for Dogs (grain-free).

Dog Food. Remove excess hair regularly:

A good way to reduce French bulldog shedding is to regularly remove excess hair.

This can be done by using a shedding brush or tool, like the prime grooming tool.

You can also use a hairdryer on low heat if necessary. 

Try And Shedding Supplement With Cod Liver Oil:

If you can’t reduce French bulldog shedding by changing their diet or lifestyle, then you may want to consider using a shedding supplement.

Some good options include cod liver oil capsules and shampoos/conditioners containing% Omega-3 fatty acids.

Talk to your vet before starting any new supplements, as they may not be safe for your Frenchie. 


Do French bulldogs shed? Well, the answer to that question is actually a bit complicated.

Some French Bulldogs do shed quite a bit, while others don’t shed at all. It all depends on the individual dog’s genetics and other factors.

In any case, it’s always a good idea to get your French Bulldog checked out by a vet at least once a year to make sure that everything is okay. Thanks for reading!

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